TM Replace Howdy

The Replace Howdy Plugin is designed to replace the word “Howdy” in the WordPress admin area/admin bar with something else. By default it randomly pulls from a list of several replacement words and phrases such as “Hello”, “Welcome”, and “Get to the choppa”. The plugin also comes with a menu where you can limit it to professional sounding greetings, set a static word or phrase, or add your own list (which can be by itself or added into the default list for even more variety)!

List of replacement words/phrases

Professional greetings, also part of the default list

  • Chow,
  • Hello,
  • Aloha,
  • Bonjour,
  • Welcome,
  • Greetings,
  • Konnichiwa,

Default list

  • Get to the choppa,
  • Live long and prosper,
  • We require a shrubbery,
  • May the force be with you,
  • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,
  • Wassap,
  • Don’t mind me,
  • Looking good today,
  • Eat all your vegetables,
  • I can see you right now,
  • I can hear you breathing,
  • Have you showered recently,
  • There is a ninja behind you,
  • Do you know what time it is,
  • Wipe that grin off your face,
  • Don’t make me come down there,
  • You just gained +5 WordPress skills,
  • I know you are sitting at a computer,
  • Did you remember to brush your teeth,
  • Did you put on clean underwear this morning,
  • Don’t read this directly or you will get a lazy eye,

A word on support and additional features

Due to time constraints, I am not able to keep up with this plugin as much as I would like. If you want to help keep it up do date, feel free to create a pull request on the GitHub repo!


Latest version: Download TM Replace Howdy v1.4.2 [zip]


  1. Upload the entire ‘tm-replace-howdy’ folder and its contents to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You’re done! No more “Howdy”!
  4. (Optional) You may edit plugin settings through the ‘Replace Howdy’ menu option under ‘Settings’ for more customization



  • Fixed an i18n issue, now using WP language packs!


  • Fixed a settings bug


  • Made admin interface translatable. Does NOT apply to lists of phrases.
  • Added filters to allow replacing part or all of the
  • Refactored, reformatted and cleaned up code
  • Added better sanitazation to the settings saving routine


  • Made method used by WP 3.3+ more efferent
  • Now only replaces greetings in English by default, this resolves a multi-site issue
  • Added option to allow replacing greetings in all languages


  • Implemented a new method that does not require JavaScript
  • Maintained backwards compatibility through WP 3.0


  • Fixed a JavaScript related bug that could break WordPress functionality


  • Further updated for WordPress 3.3 compatibility
  • Updated core functionality to be more secure and efficient
  • Merged the static and custom modes into the custom mode
  • Made “custom” mode more robust in handling user input


  • Updated plugin to be compatible with WP 3.3
  • Maintained backwards compatibility through WP 3.0
  • Moved JavaScript code to separate files
  • JavaScript is now included using builtin WP methods


  • Updated plugin to be compatible with the new WP 3.2 admin interface!
  • Maintained backwards compatibility through at least WP 3.0.
  • Optimized and cleaned up the code some to make it easier to read and more efficient (hopefully).
  • Cleaned up the admin page by placing the bulk of the text in the contextual help (little “help” tab under your username in the admin area)


  • Created Plugin!
  • It replaces the word “Howdy” in the header of the WordPress backend!
  • Menu added to customize the replacement words